Boom Microscopes

I find good quality and prices at The Microscope Store, Wirtz VA.

I've just gotten from them a stereomicroscope w/boom stand, and just
returned the stand for a shorter one. The longer stand didn't fit into the
fairly large workspace.

Their website is:

Some stereomicroscopes (zoom 7-45x) I'd suggest are:
Omano OM-2300S-GX4 Zoom Stereo Boom Microscope
Omano OM-2300S-V10 - 7x-45x Stereo, Boom Microscope UPGRADED!

- Microscope: OM-2300S-T Trinocular $729.00
Sub-Total: $729.0
Omano OM-XTL-V10 - 6.5x-45x Stereo, Zoom Inspection Microscope
price: $899.00
And others more expensive. Omana stereoscopes (especially zoom to 45x) have
been good.

some of the above are shown w/trinocular, that is, camera tube. Probably a
good idea to have this option in case you get camera outfit and fittings]

The other concern is the light. The small ring light provided with these is
not bright enough - its a 10w or 12 w LEB ring. We're now upgrading to much
more expensive and much brighter fiber optic ring light ($575).

Also, I recommend the Barlow lens add-on. It widens the field of view and
makes the microscope sit higher over the specimen. This is more
comfortable, but does reduce the ring-light's brightness.
Omano 150W Omano Fiber Optic Ring Light Illuminator [FORL-BL]

Compare these to the stock microscope at the Herbarium Supply Co, which
costs about $2175 with the big light and trinocular head.

We've done much business with the Microscope Store in Wirtz VA and they're
very dependable and have great microscopes at great prices. Talk to Danny,
perhaps he can help you select the scope, light, and boom you want.

Phone for The Microscope Store, Toll-Free: (877) 409-3556

>> Tim McDowell, ETSU Herbarium