SHC Officers and Committees


President (2012-2014):
Alexander Krings (North Carolina State University):

President-Elect (2013-2014):
Andrea Weeks (George Mason University):

Past President (2012-2014):
Michael Vincent (Miami University, Oxford, Ohio):

Secretary (2012-2016):
Brenda Wichmann (University of North Carolina/North Carolina State University):

Treasurer (2012-2016):
Dale A. Kruse (Texas A&M University):


Members at large to Executive Board (3 year terms):

Vacant (3rd year): 2011-2014, Roland Roberts recently stepped down as he begins service for the National Science Foundation. The Board will appoint a replacement.

Ed Lickey (2nd year) (Bridgewater College): 2012-2015,

Kerry Barringer (1st year) (Brooklyn Botanic Garden [formerly]): 2013-2016,

Webmaster (Executive Board Member):

Michael Thomas (University of Hawaii),

Newsletter Editor - The Vasculum (Executive Board Member):

Conley K. McMullen (James Madison University),

Newsletter Editorial Board:

Conley K. McMullen, Newsletter Editor

Bryan E. Dutton, Assistant Editor (Western Oregon University):

Melinda Peters, Assistant Editor (Smithsonian Institution):

Derick Poindexter (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill):

Affiliate Society Liaison Committee:


Membership Committee:

Emily Gillespie, Chair (Marshall University):

Zack Murrell (Appalachian State University):

Michael Woods (Troy University):

Auditing Committee:
Steve Ginzbarg, Chair (University of Alabama),

Emily Gillespie (Marshall University):

Charles N. Horn (Newberry College):

Nominating committee:
Michael Vincent, Chair (Miami University, Oxford, Ohio):

Ed Lickey (Bridgewater College):

Kerry Barringer (Brooklyn Botanic Garden [formerly]):

Herbarium Assistance Committee:
3 positions selected by the executive board